Wedding Favour ideas

While many see it as a typically American custom, the giving of wedding favours actually originates from Europe. Wedding guests would traditionally expect to receive a small box full of sugar cubes or sugared almonds to thank them for attending the event. The favours, which are normally presented as guests sit down to the wedding breakfast, can either be bought ready-made or you can have a go yourself if you have time and a crafty mind. Whatever you decide, there are hundreds of ideas for wedding favours and innovative ways to present them.

Traditional Favours

If you want to stick to tradition you can simply give each guest a package of sugared almonds wrapped in fabric to match the wedding’s theme. Coloured tulle with crystal accents, all tied up with a co-ordinating ribbon look absolutely gorgeous laid out at each place setting. You can buy these for a few pounds each, or get a big bag of almonds and a few metres of material and set aside an evening or two to make them yourself.

Sugar Almond FavoursImage Credit: Sugared almond favour

Living Favours

A really lovely idea is to give each guest a plant as a favour. You could use these as the table centrepiece and instruct each guest to take one at the end of the meal. Keep it rustic by using small terracotta pots, go quirky by painting the pots to match your theme, or even use vintage china for a really cute twist. You will probably be able to find someone to prepare these for you, but if you’re going to DIY make sure you have space to keep the potted plants before the day. And don’t forget to water them!

Living plant favoursImage Credit: Plant favours

Personalised Favours

Think about combining the wedding favours and place settings to give personalised wedding favours. There are plenty of independent sellers online who will personalise almost anything for you, from notebooks and luggage tags to chocolates or lip balms. Your guests will not only have something useful, but it will also be unique. Again, you could do this yourself if you’ve got the time and equipment.

Children’s Favours

It’s a nice idea to create special favours for the children. Think more party bag than cracker prize. A nice idea is to fill a small bucket with several items that can keep the kids entertained while adults are enjoying the speeches. Colouring books and crayons are great, you could also include a personalised pencil case. Bubbles are always a big hit with the kids, but steer away from anything noisy like kazoos and party blowers, they’ll just annoy everyone else.

Children Wedding FavoursImage Credit: Children party bag

The key is to use your imagination. Try to find favours which show a little of your personality and will be remembered by your guests. Buying ready-made favours can be costly, especially if you’re having a large wedding, but making them yourself is a mammoth task. Try making one or two, see how long it takes you and work out the total amount of time you’ll need to get them all done. Think about everything else that needs doing, and if you honestly have the time to finish them all to a high enough standard.

Have you seen any truly amazing wedding favour ideas? Let us know in the comments.

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