Interesting, yum and totally bizarre food ideas for your wedding

Food is an exciting part of any wedding. You could keep it simple with a buffet or you could go all out and do something completely different. Of course, you need to think about your own tastes. What are your favourite foods and what do you enjoy eating? This is your wedding so make sure you choose food you are going to enjoy.

Here are a few ideas that will give you food inspiration.

British theme

A British food theme would be great if your wedding had a similar feel throughout. Choose classics like fish and chips; pork pies; scones with jam and cream; trifle; and bread pudding. Or you could go for a picnic theme and have a buffet consisting of cheese straws, little sandwiches and tiny apple pies.

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Local food

If you have the money then just using local producers for your food would add something really special to your wedding. You could use pork from a pig that grew up just down the road, vegetables that were grown on a nearby small holding and have cakes made by a local baker. There’s so many opportunities here and if you live in an area where there’s a local delicacy then you should definitely serve it!

More than a cake

There’s been a recent trend for ditching the traditional wedding cake and going for something a bit more exciting, like cupcakes for example. If you want to shun the cupcake trend then why not go for cookies. They’re just as easy to eat as cupcakes and can be decorated in all sorts of ways.

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There’s even a trend for giant pork pie wedding cakes. They are the same shape, with the tiers, as a wedding cake but it’s just one huge pork pie.

Bray’s Cottage Pork Pies do a Wedding Pie!

The obscure

Take a leaf from Heston Blumenthal’s book and go for something quirky. You could have curry ice cream or stuffed boar’s head to really wow your guests. If you really want to cause a stir then fried crickets or worm pizza will definitely turn heads. has its own Bizarre Recipes section.


Drinks could be anything from cups of tea in vintage china to the most expensive wine you could find to compliment your food. This depends on your personality. If you and your partner are wine connoisseurs then pass that onto your friends and family at your wedding.

Cocktails have a bit of that wow factor, especially if you have someone making them in full view of your guests. You could go with a colour or flavour theme, or you could give guests a menu of drinks to choose from. Here’s a list of British cocktails to get you started.

What ever you choose with your food and drink, make sure you are going to be able to enjoy it. If you think your guests won’t like your favourite foods then offer then something else but you should eat what ever you want to. It’s your big day.

Keeping you inspired!!

Jess Shanahan

2 Responses to “Interesting, yum and totally bizarre food ideas for your wedding”
  1. A great feature Rachyeta. Fooid at weddings (whether Asian or Non Aian) can get “oh so standard”. Sometimes you can almost predict the menu before the food arrives and I think its great that you’re inspiring brides and grooms to think outside the box

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